We provide comprehensive Manufacturing Support for your CNC Machining challenges

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Integrated CNC Process Development, Implementation, and Improvement for:

  • Greater Alignment of Sales to key capability (know-how) and capacity (available machines, hours, labor)
  • Improved Job and Task Management for CNC Programming Activities
  • Effective Resource Usage
  • Detailed CNC Methods Analysis and Planning

Detailed CNC Manufacturing Planning, CAD, CAM, CNC Process Control for:

  • Existing Part (Part Groups) Methods Improvement
  • New Part (Part Groups) Methods Development
  • Converting Outline of CNC Plan during Sales Activity into Production Ready Routing (Traveler)

Integrated Quality and Production Plan

Integrated Quality and Production Plan (QPP) to:

  • Specify Manufacturing Bill of Materials (MBOM)
  • Specify sequential steps of CNC method and related supporting work instructions
  • Document results of manufacturing, verification, and qualification activity at each process step

CNC Process Control

Help with development and implementation of Manufacturing procedures and work instructions to maintain ISO 9001 and AS 9100 compliant cell and work center activity


Solidworks by Dassault

  • for Product and Process concept development
  • for Tool and Fixture Design
  • for Fixture Design
  • to create 3D CAD models of mechanical components and assemblies
  • to analyze geometry, volume, motion, relative location, etc. of design items
  • to create detailed drawings, manufacturing instructions
  • to create and identify key inspection and Quality Control data


Esprit by DP Technology

  • to execute full 3D dynamic simulation of CNC cutting strategies and technologies per QPP
  • to analyze and improve CNC process plan
  • to create comprehensive lists of setups, machine tool parameters, cutting tool components and assemblies, work holding, fixtures, key elements of CNC Method, etc.
  • to create NC code for virtually any CNC machine and machining process combination including turn, mill, mill-turn, and multitask machine tools with up 22 axes (indexing, positioning, and simultaneous motion).