Our Knowledge
of Computer Numerical Control

History and Philosophy of Simplified Management Tools

Simplified Management Tools was formed in 1995 to explore emerging CNC Programming related technologies and leverage them in more complete solutions to challenging Customer requirements.

Our Mission

Simplified Management Tools (SMT) offers independent consulting services to Job Shops, Contract Manufacturers, and OEM's in a CNC Manufacturing environment, to improve your CNC Programming Process.

Our mission is to work with you to apply innovative Job Management and Manufacturing strategies to your CNC process, hence CNCFX (CNC effects).

Why Us?

In addition to making better use and reuse of strategies and technologies already being used in your business, we also help you to apply apply customer-specific emerging technologies to your CNC Process.


Training Programs

Customer training is available for every aspect of services provided with customer-specific focus.

CNC Process Control

Help with development and implementation of Manufacturing procedures and work instructions to maintain ISO 9001 and AS 9100 compliant cell and work center activity.


All-electronic file directory on customer server / network for complete capture, update, storage, and controlled release of valuable process documents. File formats include native CAD and CAM file types, Microsoft Office applications file types, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and neutral or translation file formats where needed.

Experience and Confidence in Our Capabilities

Since 1995 Simplified Management Tools has helped Smaller Job Shops, Small and Medium-Sized Contract Manufacturers, and Globalized OEM's. Our focus is always to help each customer develop and implement more effective strategies, processes, and methods to better CNC machine their parts and to more efficiently manage their overall CNC Manufacturing Process.

Our Location

We are located in Camarillo, California and can be onsite at our Customer or Technology Suppliers when needed.